The History of Thomasville

The Town of Thomasville began to take shape in 1887.  It's early citizens were deeply rooted into the nearby community of Choctaw, which was located on a high plateau between the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.  The merchants of Choctaw realized the advantages of access to the rapid shipment of goods and improved travel the railroad could provide. These progresive businessmen decided to build their community around the railroad.


This railroad was to reach from Mobile to Birmingham via Selma.  By the time its first run was made in February, 1888, there was already a bustling community.


The community was first called Choctaw, after the nearby town.  This created much confusion.  Birmile, a contraction of Birmingham and Mobile, and Eureka, was also tried, but both were discarded.  Folsom City was selected then dropped.  Finally, the name Thomasville was chosen in honor of General Samuel Thomas, a railroad executive.



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