Welcome to Thomasville Alabama
Welcome to Thomasville Alabama

The Thomasville Alabama Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to visit “Southwest Alabama’s Success Story”.  The growth of our area is unlike any other due to the feeling you are “part of our family” when you visit here.   In Thomasville Alabama you will find all of the comforts of home and discover the true meaning of Southern Hospitality.  From locally owned restaurants with award winning menus, to the  historical attractions such as the A.L. Martin Museum, Kathryn Tucker Windham Museum, site of the first Miles College, and our recently renovated Civic Center which was once home to our schools,  to the entertainment offered locally through annual festivals, theatrical productions, concerts, sports and more, Thomasville has something for everyone. 


Our community is one that strives to come together in times of need.  Such was prevalent during the building of our handicap accessible playground which is the first of its kind in our area.  Built entirely by the citizens of Thomasville, this playground serves as a gathering location where all children no matter race, size, or ability can come together to play. 

Our community is growing at a rapid pace with the new industries and business re-locating in our area, but has and will continue to maintain that “hometown feel” and its charming southern ways.  


Thomasville has always been known as a progressive town, achieving much attention in the State of Alabama and even beyond. It has completely redeveloped the downtown area making it a showplace with its design.  It is welcoming of visitors and those interested in relocating to the area. This display of Southern Hospitality has led to Thomasville’s success in attracting industry to the area. The mayor works tirelessly to promote our town and supports local efforts for citizen involvement. The town itself is welcoming of good ideas from all.  The downtown revitalization as well as the development of the Civic Center both citizen led grassroots efforts that the City strongly supported to make things happen.


So as you can see, all that Thomasville has to offer to its visitors and residents alike is what makes Thomasville “Southwest Alabama’s Success Story”, a title we hold dear to our hearts

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